Q1. How long does it take to fix my iPhone screen?

Depending on the model iPhone you have, it generally takes anywhere from 4-15 minutes for our technicians to properly repair your cracked screen. Of course there are certain circumstances where it may take a little bit extra time; however, these rarely arise.

Q2. What kind of screens do you use for repairs?

We use the same quality screen as you have on your device when it comes from the factory. All screens contain the oleophobic coating your original screen comes with to prevent scratches and markings the same way.

Q3. Do you replace the entire screen or just the glass?

We replace the entire screen which contains your LCD screen and your glass screen on top. Some people ask why and here is the reason. The way the screens for Apple phones a built makes it very dangerous to use heat on the actual LCD of the phone. It often causes a loss of quality, sensitivity, and durability. Therefore, although it costs us a little more, we replace the entire assembly to prevent these issues for our customers.

Q4. Why should I come to you, I found someone cheaper online that will meet me at a Starbucks?

We love this question and here is the reason why.

  1. First off, we offer you an actual location to go to, incase anything goes wrong once you pay us of course.
  2. Second, we offer a warranty on our repairs, which protects you against any defects that were encountered during the manufacturing of the screen or if we simply just missed something because we are all humans.
  3. Third, who knows what has been on that table and what environment your sitting in. It is unsafe to do repairs on electronic devices on random surfaces that may have chemicals, dirt, dust, or other harmful materials that can harm the device.

Q5. What if I have an issue with my device after I leave your store?

We offer a 90 day warranty with our repairs (excluding water damage phones). This means that if you encounter any issues with our parts after the time of repair, you can gladly bring it back and have us replace it for free. Of course this will not cover any damage to the part (whether accidental or not), but will protect you against any defects in our parts.

New York iPhone Repair

Most Screen Repairs
Take Less Than 15 Minutes!

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